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Who we are?

“Togetherness” is the mantra we uphold in our business footsteps. Shezmade is made upon the foundation of trust, welfare, and innovation. We are a multi-segmented organization that upholds businesses in the food, infrastructure development, and retail sectors. The vision of the organization entrusts bringing innovation and participation of stakeholders in all the segments we are into; thereby bringing up new opportunities to all those who are associated with the Shezmade group. Commitments towards society can be fulfilled not only through charity work, but by offering job opportunities to the needy, providing excellent work environments, and bringing various products and services that upgrade the standard of living of the surrounding. 

Shezmade group encompasses five vertices that fulfil the basic needs of human beings – 

  1. Shezmade homes private limited primarily focuses on residential housing projects
  2. Shezmade foods private limited, which includes food processing and eateries like Snackbar, Dines and fries.
  3. Shezmade clothing private limited manufactures high-quality garments.
  4. Shezmade education to provide a world-class learning experience.
  5. Shezmade healthcare brings leading-edge medical assistance.

Our Core Values

Carrying on the business activities by upholding all the ethical practices and standards entrusted by the society.

Adopting innovations in all the processes to make the result best and to reduce cost. 

Being socially committed by following all the social norms and bringing up the products and services which raise the standard of living of our stakeholders.

Our Mission

Research, innovate and create businesses to fulfil the basic needs of human beings, with the participation of Shezmade’s associates and hold the cohesion embedded with trust to grow in the VUCA world.

Our Vision

Uplifting the standard of living of Shezmade’s stakeholders by entering into the ambit of future business that connects with the fulfilment of basic needs of human beings.


  • People-oriented innovations: The thoughts and living standard of society is changing rapidly. To cater to the best and as per the needs, we invent products and services to best suit the changes.
  • Collaborate innovation: The growth of every organization nowadays happens when they associate and partner with like-minded, growth-oriented, diversified businesses. Shezmade collaborates with those organization that upholds the values we share.
  • Future proof innovation: The world we live in can be called the VUCA world. Anything can happen at any time and is highly volatile. To protect our stakeholders and organization, we research and implement that leadership style which future proof the organization
  • Creative innovation: Being creative is an inevitable part to become successful in business. Creativity is the growth agent of any organization. We research the market and bring on creative elements in the products and services we offer.

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